Jumpin' Rumps LLC
providing peace of mind to pet owners & loving care for their pets

Our service area encompasses a 6-mile radius from the Jumpin' Rumps business address.

Services are time-based.

Brief Visit (dog) - $12.50  (up to 15 minutes); available only in our service area

Brief Visit (cat) - $15 (up to 15 minutes)

Standard Visit - $16.50  (up to 30 minutes)

Extended Visit - $20.50 (up to 45 minutes)

Full Visit - $24.50 (up to 60 minutes)

Pet Taxi

$20 (per 30 minutes)

For travel to a local veterinary hospital, groomer, or kennel/doggie daycare facility (within 15 miles of Annapolis).  No human passengers.


For recurring service for

Brief and Standard Visits on weekdays for dogs only:

10% discount for purchase of 20 walks/visits

5% discount for purchase of 10 walks/visits

Additional Fees

Extra $5 per visit for weekends

Extra $5 for each dog beyond 2 dogs

Extra $10 per visit for major holidays

597 Moran Court, Annapolis, MD, 21401, United States
(301) 332-4498
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