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Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
13:45:23 18/03/2017
Jumpin' Rumps is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Check out our listing! https://www.bbb.org/greater-maryland/business-reviews/dog-walking/jumpin-rumps-in-annapolis-md-90257945#bbbseal

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
14:45:26 11/03/2017
I recently had to go through the heartbreaking process of saying goodbye to a pet. My cat, Rudy, was old and in pain. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but it was time to let her go. Although it was a sad experience, I was grateful she was able to stay at home for the process and that I was able to stay by her side.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
11:37:32 21/10/2016
Exciting news! The Jumpin' Rumps logo has been officially registered as a trademark as of 11 October 2016. Jumpin' for joy!!!

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
16:05:13 06/02/2016
Prong collars are neither safe nor humane. There are many effective alternatives. Learn more!
Prong collars are designed to inflict pain and cause discomfort. Numerous studies show that the use of prong collars can harm your relationship with your dog and have negative physical, behavioral and emotional consequences.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
15:26:53 06/02/2016
How well do you understand canine body language? Here's a detailed guide for interpreting their signals:

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
12:42:02 01/12/2015
Jumpin' Rumps is the featured member for the Annapolis Partnership.
Need a little extra help this holiday season (or any season) with your furry friends? Call Jumpin' Rumps! Jumpin' Rumps LLC offers professional dog walking services as well as social visits for companion animals. Canine exercise routines are customized to meet the specific needs of doggie ...

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
16:53:25 26/11/2015
Please don't ask a small business owner to give away their services/products for free.  It's demeaning and insulting!
Ever heard of "spec" work? It can kill small businesses.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
20:06:28 21/10/2015

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
20:06:05 21/10/2015
Beware of Roverdotcom.  The Gilbert 23 were "cared for" by a Rover sitter.  Get a real pet sitter...not some hobbyist!

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
19:13:20 18/10/2015
Your tone of voice needs to match a dog's temperament when giving a command.
Want your dog to do something? Match your tone of voice to his personality, a study from the Duke University Canine Cognition Center indicates.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
19:09:39 18/10/2015

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
12:28:58 05/08/2015
It’s important to read often and to read far outside of your comfort zone. The best lessons are found in literature that, on the surface, might not offer the insights you expected to find. Here are five books with unexpected lessons for business leaders.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
18:02:55 30/07/2015
They're oh-so-beautiful, but are deadly to your pets!

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
21:56:00 25/07/2015
Natural remedies to treat separation anxiety in dogs!
Separation anxiety is a condition caused by a dog’s fear of being alone. Very sadly it is the second leading cause of owners relinquishing dogs to dog pounds or euthanizing their dogs. While the behaviors caused by separation anxiety are problematic, they are also treatable with the right natural approach. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Dogs... Continue Reading

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
13:51:01 21/07/2015
Claim your pets as a tax write off?  Maybe...
Americans spend billions on their pets, and if you add horses into the mix, the figures are stratospheric. But claiming tax benefits could require some creativity.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
19:26:18 03/07/2015
Breaking News: Stella & Chewy's freeze dried chicken patties have tested positive for Listeria.
From the Maryland Department of Agriculture website: The Maryland Department of Agriculture has iss...

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
14:44:54 22/06/2015
This is disturbing...

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
12:46:59 21/06/2015
Not everyone in China eats dog meat. Read about one woman's heroic efforts to save dogs from slaughter.
A 65-year-old retiree is going to extraordinary lengths to help homeless and abused dogs in China. Yang Xiaoyun has not lived the typical life of a retiree. The former school teacher’s home in Tianjin has become an animal shelter for the dogs and cats she saves. She calls her shelter “Common Home for Stray Animals” […]

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
19:59:58 19/06/2015
There's more involved in LarPar than just the larynx...
Idiopathic laryngeal paralysis, a well-known upper respiratory problem, is believed to be the first sign of slow-developing, generalized paralysis.

Jumpin' Rumps, LLC
19:42:49 19/06/2015
Heart disease in pets can remain undetected until the very late stages. Don't wait until it's too late to have your pet evaluated by a veterinary cardiologist.
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